API Documentation

LeadGo provides a JSON API for lead submissions

Using the API: LeadGo Provides a JSON API for use in submitting leads.

Be sure that all of your requests include the following HTTP header:
Accept: application/json 


Type: POST
URL: https://app.leadgo.io/api/feed/{{your-token}}

{your-token}: The 20-character, alphanumeric “token” of your Data Feed.

Body Parameters: (see “Posting Parameters” below)


All responses will be in JSON format. All leads are assigned a unique “appnumber” in our system, but you are free to include your own.

If you are receiving an HTML formatted response, please be sure that you are including the “Accept” HTTP header mentioned above in the Request specifications.

Status Codes
200 = Success (see JSON below)
422 = Validation Error (see JSON below)

Example Success Response (200) :

    "data": {
    "appnumber": "AAU0036683",
    "customleadid": "MYCUSTOMLEADID",(or null)
    "listcode": null,
    "subid": null,
    "firstname": "Joe",
    "lastname": "Example",
    "address1": null,
    "address2": null,
    "city": null,
    "state": null,
    "zip": null,
    "phone": "1231231212",
    "email": "joe@example.com",
    "promoCode": "MYPROMO",
    "year": “2018”,
    "model": “Mustang,
    "vin": null,
    "mileage": 40152,
    "lenderName": null,
    "squareFootage": null,
    "homeValue": null,
    "mortgagePayment": null,
    "ipAddress": null,
    "createdAt": "2020-08-25T11:22:32.000000Z"

Example Validation Error Response (422):

    "message": "The given data was invalid.",
    "errors": {
        "firstname": [
            "The firstname field is required."
        "phone": [
            "The phone field is required."

Posting Parameters

Name Required Details
customleadid nIf provided, this ID will be assigned to your lead in our system
listcode nalpha numeric
subid nalpha numeric
firstname yalpha numeric
lastname yalpha numeric
phone n10-digit format, ex: 5551112323
address1 nPrimary street address
address2 nApt/Suite #
city nalpha numeric
state nTwo-letter format
zip n5-digit format
email nA valid email address
ipAddress nIPv4 format
year nVehicle Year
makenVehicle Make
model nVehicle Model
vin nVehicle VIN
mileage nAuto mileage (no commas)
cost nIn dollars & cents. Ex: 1.23
lenderName nalpha numeric
SquarFootage nNumeric
mortgagePayment nNumeric
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